"Let us die young or let us live forever. We don't have the power but we never say never. Sitting in a sandpit; life is a short trip; the music's for the sad man." survivors of the Apocalypse

#38: You and your children surprise him on tour 

Harry: “Come on now Darcy, keep up with mommy.” you told your 4 year old daughter. You were more excited than she was to see your husband. Harry had been on tour for two weeks now and you both had missed him terribly. He knew nothing about you and Darcy coming to see him. All he knew was that he was going to pick up his mom from the airport. You were waiting for yours bags at baggage claim.”Mommy, when is daddy coming?” “Soon baby.” Anne rolled two bags while you picked Darcy up and grabbed a bag. She rested on your shoulder as you all walked through the crowded breezeway. Where was he? Twenty minutes had already passed. “I gotta potty.” Darcy whined restlessly. “I’ll take her.” Anne said. She could see the stress in your face. This was a bad idea, he still was’t here. You were about to walk to the bathrooms with Anne and Darcy when you felt a strong hand grab your shoulder from behind you. “(Y/N?)” Your head turned quickly. “Harry!” You jumped into his his arms hanging onto his neck. He held you so tightly you could barely breathe but you didn’t care. He pulled you close and gave you a kiss. “What are you doing here?” “We missed you.” you said gazing into his eyes. “We? Is Darcy here too?” he said looking around. “There they are!” He grabbed your hand pulling you through the crowd of people. “Daddy,” she ran into his arms “I missed you.” “I missed you too baby girl.” He wiped the tears off of her little cheeks.

Niall: “Niall, how’s that food?” Zayn asked laughing. “Great, you know Nando’s is the best.” He wiped his mouth with his sleeve. “Attention everyone! Today is a special someone’s birthday!” Everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” as the lights were dimmed. You came out carrying a large red velvet cake with an Irish flag on it. Your 17 year old daughter Elizabeth, her boyfriend Justin, and your 14 year old son Michael were close behind you. Niall almost  fell out of the seat at the sight of you guys. Michael raced towards him. Niall hugged him and rustled his hair. “Dad your messing up my hair.” He smiled and hugged Elizabeth. “Dad, I can’t breathe.” He chuckled and kissed her forehead. “Justin.” He nodded. When he came to you he pulled you close and whispered in your ear “You look great.” You blushed; the room grew quiet. “Thank you everyone.” He had tears in his eyes. “It was the boys’ idea!” Elizabeth called out. He turned to the boys, “Thanks guys.” At this point he was very emotional. “I missed you princess.” He gave you the kiss of your life.

Liam: “So today’s your birthday?” Liam was starring on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Um Yeah, but how did you know?” “Please,” she said sarcastically “what doesn’t Ellen know?” Liam chuckled. “Good thing I already have you a present. Bring it on out!” Everyone’s eyes were on the stage entrance. Liam stood up curiously. Your ten year old twins Casey and Tiffany walked in front of you onto the stage. Liam’s eyes widened and the audience cheered. The girls ended up running to him. He kissed them on the head and when you approached him, he hugged you holding your waist tightly. “Sarah from Washington asks if you could have anything for your birthday what would it be?” Ellen asked. “Nothing.” he said. “I have everything I could possibly want right here.” Those words not only melted your heart but also the audiences. 

Louis: He unlocked hotel door, threw the key onto the desk, and flipped the lights on. Louis screamed. You and your two kids Danny and Sam were on the bed laughing hysterically. It was the girliest scream you had heard in your life. “Oh hell!” He clutched his chest and hugged all three of you at the same time. “Almost had a heart attack.” “Blame Sam” Danny said punching his father’s shoulder playfully. “Did you missed me that much?” Louis asked sarcastically. “Nope.” Sam headed to take a shower. “Aww Sam!” Louis teased. Danny grabbed his stuff to go to the pool to give you two some time to catch up. You both cuddled in the warm bed, him hugging and kissing you from behind. You fell asleep like this.

Zayn: “You don’t know you’re beautiful!” The audience screamed and cheered as the boys walked off stage. “Hey boo.” you said casually. Zayn turned around. “Baby!” He spun you around kissing you passionately. “Eww, hehe.” Aaliyah, your 7 year old daughter, tugged on Zayn’s pant leg. “Aaliyah! I missed you sweetie!”  He picked her up and planted a kiss on her cheek and then tickled her. “Oh, guys come meet the new director for our music video.” He led the way holding both of your hands.

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#35: He caught you smoking 

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Harry: Your mom called and you guys had fought over stupid stuff as usual. It was all getting to be too much. Harry was at the studio with the boys and wasn’t due back until later. You opened the bathroom window and sat against the bathtub while you lit a cigarette. Your friend had gotten you hooked recently. You sat in peace smoking when you heard the back door close. “Shit!” You jumped up trying to clear the smoke out of the room.”I’m home!” Harry walked in with a smile on his face and a huge bouquet of roses. His expression quickly changed. “Who’s been smoking in here?" "No one, why?" You didn’t sound convincing. He looked angry. "So how long has this been going on?" You slid down burying your face into your hands. "I’m sorry." He sat down with you and took your hands. "Please just no more." He handed you the roses. "I promise." you smiled.

Liam: You and Liam were getting ready to watch Toy Story. “Will you help me fix the bed?" "Sure." he put his phone down. The bed was slightly crooked so as he fixed it he bent over and picked something up. "Tell me these aren’t yours!"
“No, those are my sister’s.” You lied about the cigarettes. He couldn’t know about your dirty smoking habit. He frowned. “You’re a terrible liar. Why would you
smoke?!" "It’s an old habit, I’m so sorry." You flopped onto the bed hiding your face. Leaning over you he said "(Y/N), you mean the world to me. You are so beautiful and smoking is just ugly. I want you to stop." His words and his big brown eyes melted your heart. "I will." You sat up. "Now lets watch the movie," he smiled as he gently kissed you.

Niall: “Niall! Please don’t leave!” He had caught you smoking again last night. Niall ignored you grabbing his duffel bag. “I told you before to stop but you never listen!” You grabbed his arm. He gave you an angry look you had never seen before making you let go and collapse to the ground. “It’s so hard, but I’ll stop this time. I promise, just please don’t go!” You were hysterical. He dropped his bag and joined you on the floor. “It’s gone out of control. I love you princess, I just want you to stop.” You looked up. “I swear, I don’t want to lose you over something stupid. I love you too.”

Louis: “Babe,” Louis stood in front of the t.v. “You didn’t tell me that you smoked.” He had a smile on his face. “I want one.” You was speechless, his reaction of finding your cigarettes was surprising. “Well,” you said, “We’ll share them.” You stood up reaching for one. He pulled them back and frowned. “What are you thinking?” “What?” You were confused. “You know smoking hurts you, why would you even think of it?” He was so concerned. He noticed the pack was still sealed. “Just promise me you won’t try it.” “I’m sorry Lou.” You said grabbing them and throwing towards the trash can. Louis smiled, hugging you tightly around the waist.

Zayn: While you were having girls night, you and your best friend went outside. It was a chilly out. You were surprised when she sat on the curb and lighted up a cigarette. “Try it.” You didn’t want to look like a fool, so you took it from her. You put it to your lips and started coughing endlessly. She laughed. As you tried again, a car pulled up. It was Zayn! “What the hell are you doing?!” he yelled out of the window. You dropped the cigarette and went up to the window. He shook his head. “It wasn’t mine. I was going to try it but never again. Don’t be mad boo.” He kissed your hand before you got in. “I believe you.”

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#34: It rains 

Harry: You two are absolute dorks when together, so when it began to rain, you couldn’t help but to waltz around in the street. Sure, it didn’t start that way. Before the romantic side of him came out, both of you performed some unappreciated break dance moves while singing MC Hammer songs.

Niall: You must’ve been blessed by the luck of the Irish because literally when you two closed the front door, it started to pour outside. Instead of running outside and try to find a rainbow like you usual do, you cuddled on the couch and fed each other various typed of fruit; enjoying each others company.

Liam: When Liam suggested that you two should go outside and collect worms, you have to admit that you were disgusted; naturally. You only agreed to it because you couldn’t refuse towards his cute, puppy dog face. It was actually kind of fun to see not only the worms, but other bugs that come out once it rains. It kind of reminded you of Pumba and Timone from Lion King.

Louis: Like the children you are, you decide to build a tent. It wasn’t the best tent since it was made out of chairs, pillows, and blankets, but it worked out well; for the finishing touch, you put a lantern in the middle of the tent. As the thunderstorm continued, Louis and you played board games and roasted marshmallows on the stove.

Zayn: Both of you sat near the window, watching the droplets of rain decorate the sky. Ever since you were a child, rain calmed you; you found it peaceful. You laid your head on Zayn’s shoulder and began to drift into slumber. As you felt his warm, manly hands rub circles on your hip bone, you knew that you were finally at peace.

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#33: A date at the cinema 

Harry: You finally took Harry to go see the Hunger Games. Through out the whole movie, he constantly asked questions about the plot and kissed you a lot. Awkward moment when your boyfriend is making out with you as you watch a movie about children killing each other, eh?

Niall: It was pretty frightening at the amount of food Niall ordered and carried to the theater. Why? Food + Niall + Comedy movie = Laughing and spitting food everywhere. You’re still trying to contemplate on why you decided to go see Ted with your boyfriend, but hey. At least you had fun, not only laughing at the movie but also laughing at Niall, who accidentally sprayed Cola out of his nose.

Liam: You always wanted to see Brave ever since Niall showed you the trailer of the Irish-themed movie. Taking this opportunity, Liam took this chance to go see it with you so he can advance his brownie points. Let’s just say that Brave is undoubtedly one of the best animated movies you’ve ever since. Obviously, Pixar never disappointing; it did create Liam’s obsession over the Toy Story franchise.

Louis: Honestly, you were a bit worried that Louis decided that he wanted to go see The Dark Knight Rises. Of course, you knew that he liked to become serious around you in certain occasions, but you had a gut feeling that he was going to do something stupid. Thankfully, he did. The worst thing he did was give a talking couple some attitude… ok, a lot of attitude… ok, he was close to strangling them.

Zayn: You were utterly surprised when Zayn took you out to go see Magic Mike (since Zayn is a green grouch when it comes to you looking at other men). Later, you actually found out that he only wanted to see the movie so he could copy some of the dance moves on you. Best. Idea. Ever.

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#32: You catch the chickenpox 

Harry: He made all of your favorite foods; decorating your bedside with bacon, pizza, cupcakes, strawberries, steak, mashed potatoes, mini carrots, etc. But the virus forced you to refuse them due to your lack of appetite and fear that you’ll vomit again. “(Y/N), please.” he complains. “If you don’t eat, than you’ll feel even worse.” You groaned in response and buried your head back into the constantly fluffed pillow, hearing footsteps leave and return a few moments later. When you sniff the air, your senses smell chocolate in the air. “Who wants hot cocoa?” Your boyfriend teases, waving the steaming hot beverage in your face. Your vision trails directly to the drink and your appetite quickly reappears. You think, “…Maybe just a sip.

Niall: No wonder you and Niall are perfect for each other. I mean, he has this weird boyfriend ability that he knows your emotions just by looking at your face. If you show sadness in your face, he becomes sad; if you show happiness in your face, he becomes happy; so on and so on. So it’s no wonder that when you got the chickenpox, he could practically feel your pain and misery and because of this, he was always there for you. Yup! He was there every day for three weeks just to make sure his baby if ok.

Liam: He honestly didn’t know what to do. You’re vomiting and itching the deep blisters that decorate your skin. Although he doesn’t know what to do, he’s still with you to make sure your recovery goes fine (and you’re lucky enough that your mother is a nurse). “Are you sure you’re fine?” he asks, running his fingers through your sweaty strands of hair. You reply with “I’m fine” in a cracking voice that kind of sounds like you’re groaning and coughing at the same time; it sounds nothing like you. You knew how much Liam wanted to kiss you, but you love how he tries his best to hold back so you can get better.

Louis: Actually, he caught the chickenpox the same time you did; it was tough. Jay offered for you two to recover at her house and both of you accepted, seeing as you can’t take care of each other. Louis’ whole family pitched in to make sure that you and Louis were healing the right way; this went on for the month. For some reason, Louis was all better before you and you had no signs of improvement. When he took you to the doctor, he said that your immune system wasn’t fighting off the virus like it should so you’d have to be under special care. Through all of this bull shit and pain, Louis and his family still supported and helped the whole way. It’s kind of enlightening to know that your boyfriend’s family already accepts you.

Zayn: He sucks so bad at taking care of other people; it’s not even funny. Zayn would always drop excuses like: “I take good care of my dog,” or “Kids love me.” - which is filled with utter shit. You can tell he tried, but that doesn’t hide the fact that when he was trying to take care of you, his results were the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen. Luckily, you had an extremely strong immune system and the symptoms vanished in a week and a half. “…At least I tried,” he mumbled. He pouted for hours and hours, thinking he wasn’t getting enough attention, and you eventually gave in to his pouting. “You did try. You’re just bad at trying.”

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#31: How you two sleep 






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#30: What your children looks like - Zayn Malik

Aaliyah is your only child, but you’re not complaining. She was always a happy, joyous child and a pleasure to call your daughter.

She loves to smile and make people feel good about themselves (kind of sounds like Darcy, eh?) Although she’s a happy child, but she did go through a tough time in her middle school years that sunk her down in depression. Zayn, however, noticed this and was pissed beyond belief; he actually went to the school and ranted about how shitty she’s being treated. Luckily, this depressive state was quickly passed due to the love and care you and Zayn gave her (although she does have memories of it.)

Since Aaliyah is a happy child, she enjoys seeing others happy, too. So she volunteers at a school for children and teens who are living with disorders. Aaliyah loves her job and can’t ask for anything more but to make people feel worth it.

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